The Brand in the Hearts of the Founders: Fabletics

Among the top global trends, last year was that finally, Amazon had a competitor. The challenge was the little-known Fabletics. The General Manager of Fabletics put it across that the secret behind their success is their will to redefine the meaning of a high-value brand from scratch. This different way of doing things focuses on personalizing services and offering trendy, fashionable clothes at a lower price compared to the competitors. The company hopes to make its customers happy, and the secret behind this is understanding the people and what exactly they want.


According to Fabletics, the modern consumer is changing, and the secret to getting hold of such customers is by understanding them. This is the reason why Fabletics has taken things differently and are data intensive. Online data is very crucial and helps this company avail exactly what the consumers want. The items displayed online and physically are the right ones as doing otherwise would risk putting the consumer off. Stores located in different places are location specific and using the data collected, stock merchandise that only appeals to the people living in that area.


Similarly, cutting edge technology and data analytics, seamlessly scalable operations and access to exclusive product lines bring the battle to the front door of competitors such as Amazon.


Fabletics enjoys a cult following on social media. New offerings hit the online media and individual accounts, and there is no shortage of buzzing discussions regarding the products such as Size fits, colors, price and consumer opinions. Bloggers and social media enthusiasts have hopped on the bandwagon giving unprecedented brand exposure to not only their products directly but also reviews and feedback that is vital to retaining long-lasting consumer relationships. Fabletics products are trending for value on money, quality, and style.


Membership offers discounts and new promotions including individual item suggestions based on recorded preferences. Their monthly subscription service is also free and popular with consumers, as going through a month without making purchases is not penalized. Fabletics is unique because it is taking the battle to the competitor. Their strategy is to carve out a niche in the existing market.


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The Most Attractive Female Celebrities


When looking to determine the most attractive celebrities, it will be important to go over a list of the most appealing ones in terms of personality, talent and appearance. While there are a number of celebrities that are quite attractive, there are two that stand out. These two celebrities are actresses Kate Winslet and Angelina Jolie. One of the most attractive celebrities around is Kate Winslet.

She is an actress who has been in a number of hit movies such as Titanic. What makes her attractive is her talent and appearance. She has proven to be a good actress who has the ability to portray a number of characters in a very believable way. Along with having a considerable amount of acting talent, Kate Winslet hot, she is very good looking. She has a very pleasant looking face along with an appealing physique.

Another celebrity that is quite attractive is Angelina Jolie. What makes her one of the most attractive celebrities is her personality. She has been well known for being a humanitarian and gets involved in a number of beneficial causes. Over the course of her career, she has been in a number of hit movies where she was able to display her acting talent. As well as being a humanitarian and talented actress, Angelina Jolie sexy appeal puts her among the best looking celebrities around. She has a model caliber physique along with a pretty face. With all of these characteristics, Jolie has established herself as one of the most attractive celebrities in the world.

An Insight into the Life of Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua is a Philippine citizen who specializes in multi-level marketing. He has interests in diversified industries but has concentrated in the wellness and health industry mostly. This is a discipline that has earned him millions in the process. Chua was born on the 6th of September 1974. In his many years with the marketing industry, he has worked with several companies such as Gano Excel Philippines.

With Gano Excel, he served as the executive of the company. In a period of three years, he saw the company expand in other three countries which include Canada, Hong Kong and the United States of America.

Several years later, he decided to move to the United States and became the president of Gano Excel USA. He recorded remarkable success marketing products with Ganoderma in them. Some of these products included food products, instant coffee, and capsules.

PR News Wire says that Bernardo Chua role model is Leon Soon Seng, and the two have worked together since the year 1999 and even established Excel Philippines. In the year 2008, Chua established a company called Organo Gold. This is a company that operates in six continents and 35 countries. Over the years, he has won several awards such as Dangal ng Bayan Awards for Business and Industry. He can speak in Filipino and English.

In these many years, he has managed to put a lot of experience under his belt that includes management, marketing, networking, entrepreneurship, mergers, and acquisition as well as strategic planning.

He has also specialized in cross-functional team management, international business, consumer goods and direct sales. Bernardo Chua acted as the head of operations for Gano Excel International from 1999- 2008. He has also worked as the president of Excel USA from 2003-2008.

To keep his clients and followers with the latest trends, Bernardo is active on several social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Superior Court Minister – Luciana Lossio

The highly renowned attorney Luciana Lóssio, is to be sworn into the Superior Electoral Court system, as the Minister. This event is because of a recent vacancy when Arnaldo Versiani, the previous Minister, departed his position. Luciana has an extensive history of well documented achievements, proving her devotion to the legal profession. These vacancies in the court, one of three currently, are exclusively available to attorneys, only. Luciana is being appointed as she has proven herself capable by serving as the substitute minister of the court for many years now.


Her extensive career background includes having served as a Brazilian Institute member of the Electoral Law. Luciana is known to be an articulate orator, an essential skill for the position she will soon hold. Her credo, is that the highest respect for individuals with concern for their constitutional rights, be upheld.


Luciana earned her law degree in 1999 from the esteemed University Center of Brasilia, attaining the OAB approval for the Bar Association in Brazil the year that she graduated. Due to her fierce desire to increase her experience, she completed a series of postgraduate courses. One in Civil Procedural Legalities, another in the legalities of State & Constitution and lastly a course in the legalities of Departmental and Public Prosecution. This vast awareness is the foundation for which Luciana utilizes to secure her legal knowledge.


For nearly a decade, Luciana was employed in the Attorney General’s Building directly collaborating with Geraldo Brindeiro and Cláudio Fonteles. These are two highly respected and former attorney generals. This collaboration provided Luciana opportunities to act as an advisor for numerous cases requiring her to work diligently, in accordance with legislation to provide the best possible outcome for her clients.


Many who know her, consider Luciana to be a visionary with a breadth of experience that seems to be beyond her years as she has an uncanny ability to handle intense situations with a calm demeanor. She was selected for her new position because of her unwavering professionalism and technical skills in the court of law. Her character is highly valued for the indispensible professional attributes that are required in the court room.

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Luciana Lóssio assumirá como nova ministra titular do TSE

Scottsdale Arizona Tech Leader Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a technology investor and entrepreneur. He grew up in Tempe, Arizona and now resides in Scottsdale. He graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Finance, as well as getting his MBA from the Arizona State University – W.P. Carey School of Business. After graduating he entered the technology sector, particularly in mobile communication technology.

Hope is a big believer in the Internet of Things. In the Internet of Things every device is connected to the internet and can communicate with each other. This will lead in the future to greater levels of efficiency and productivity for both individuals and businesses. An example Jason shared was it would help grocery stores reduce waste in the frozen food aisle through better tracking of expiration dates. He believes that within 5 years the Internet of Things will look completely different than it does today, as well as an industry being valued in the billions of dollars.

In addition to being a technology entrepreneur, Hope is also dedicated to philanthropic causes. He has donated to many causes, but the one in particular that he enjoys supporting is the SENS Research Foundation to which he gave $500,000. This foundation, based in Mountain View, California supports research into preventing age-related diseases. The SENS Research foundation is also looking at ways to slow the aging process. This donation enabled the foundation to build their Cambridge SENS laboratory, in addition to helping them advance their research projects.

Another passion for Hope is supporting the young students of Arizona. He has made a large donation to the Teach for America’s Phoenix Chapter, which advocates for making a quality education possible for all students. He also supports the Boys & Girls Club in Phoenix as well as several other charities to support the community. Jason Hope has said that one of the most important things in both business and philanthropy is to keep an eye on the future. He is always looking for what way technology is evolving, as well as looking into the future by the charities he supports.

How Helane Morrison has risen in Her Career.

Helane Morrison is one of the women who has accomplished a lot in the legal sector. She has been an employee of the SEC since 1996 has risen through the ranks in the career. Morrison has spent the last three years working as a director of the enforcement plan at the organization’s San Francisco-based division. The commission recognized her competency and hard work. Its chairperson, Arthur Levitt, recently gave her promotion to serve as the San Francisco district’s head.


As the chief of the district, she will be in charge of overseeing all the enforcement and analysis undertakings that occur in the regions that are managed by the San Fransico office. The authority of the district covers regions such as North California, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, North Nevada, Montana, and Idaho. The office that Helane controls is managed by the Pacific Region, which operated from Los Angeles. The former administrator of the San Francisco office was David Bayles, and he had worked at the district for about five years. He then left the SEC to be an associate of the Morrison & Foerster law firm.


Helane has made several accomplishments at the SEC and the rest of her career. Some of them include spearheading different investigations that found faults on the California Micro Device’s auditors, New York’s Republic Securities, and Dean Witter. Morrison had worked as a lawyer before she got a job at the commission. She was proficient in providing legal solutions to individuals and companies that were being litigated by the SEC. Businesses that were facing class action litigations that were related to securities also sought for her services. She offered legal representation during arbitrations, and her clients were brokers and trading companies that were being arraigned by their customers for different reasons. Morrison was also an associate of a San Francisco-based law company, which is known as the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin


At the age of 46, Morrison is one of the few female administrators who are in the SEC. The others are Valerie Capron of the Los Angeles division, Mari Keefe of Chicago, and Carmen Lawrence, who is the head of the New York district. Helane Morrison said that the SEC was forced to increase the number of employees that have been posted at the San Francisco office from 30 to 60 since the amount of work enforcement and the analysis department has been rising continuously.


James Dondero’s & HCM Participation in Family Place’s Capital Campaign

A resident of Dallas, Texas, James Dondero boasts of extensive experience in the credit and equity markets, having been in the industry for more than 30 years. He is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management. The company provides an array of creative award-winning products and solutions for both retail and institutional investors.

According to Dallas Links, Besides serving as a board member of MGM Studios and American Banknote, James Dondero is also the chairman of CCS Medical, Nexbank, and Cornerstone Healthcare. His passion for philanthropy is evident. He supports initiatives in areas such as public policy, education, and veterans related projects.

Late last year, James announced the HCM’s decision to award the Family Place, a $1 million challenge grant. This was a move to help the organization raise the last leg of the $16.5 million needed for its legacy campaign.

Family Place is the leading organization in Dallas that supports victims of family violence through counseling and provision of shelter. The challenge grant is designed to match all the funds raised for the project by up to $1 million from the time of the announcement all the way until April 4, 2017. Learn more about James Dandero:

The goal of the Legacy campaign by Family Place is to help the construction and operation of a new Counseling Center in Dallas for victims of family violence – seeing that the current one is operating at capacity. The new building is expected to support an additional 2000 victims every year.

When making this announcement, James Dondero said that the philanthropic move by Highlands Capital Management was motivated by the appeal to the community to aid in solving the life-threatening problem in the region, by Dallas Mayor and Police Chief Mike Rawlings and David Brown

Ignition Financial and Automobile Refinancing

Auto loan documentation, terms and processes can be quite difficult and confounding sometimes. Financial regulations coupled with the requisite disclosures are constantly changing, which makes it very hard for buyers looking to finance their vehicles.



At ignition financial, clients are helped to get car loans. When clients come for loans they are helped to navigate the process swiftly and without stress as we bear the burden of the paperwork and the time commitment needed.



Benefits of Refinancing Automobiles



Lower Interest Rates



One of the primary reasons people refinance their vehicle loans is to lower their interest rates. Supposing at the time you purchased your vehicle you had bad credit or no credit at all, you can try to refinance the same after a few years. You may find that you’ve improved in credit score. If the score has shifted significantly, it then means that you are able to get an interest rate that is a bit lower. This is good news since it means that you will clear your loan sooner than you thought.



More money



Another upside to refinancing is that you may be able to get more money for some other project you want. For instance, if what you owe in comparison to the value of your vehicle is lower, then you may be in a position to get refinanced. If your vehicle is worth $9000 and you owe $5000, but you need to do some Christmas shopping, you can refinance your vehicle for $7500. This way you still owe less than the value of your car and you have $2500 to do your shopping after the new loan pays off the $5000 balance.



Lowered Payments



Sometimes situations are such that we want to reduce the cash flowing outwards: expenses. In such situations, refinancing helps in extending one’s loan. If you have a year more to go before you clear your loan, you can extend to three years instead. This way you pay less every month, so that you are able to deal with the situation in your life that needed the extra cash.



Switching Lenders



Changing lenders can be good sometimes but a challenge in other situations. If your lender is too tough and difficult to contact, especially when you need information about your payments, you can change to another.



Refinancing with Ignition



The slash my payments arrangement is already gaining the thumbs up from clients who are giving our team great reviews for this service. People with auto loans are being encouraged to try us at ignition financial.




Tony Petrello is No longer the Best Paid CEO

Several years ago, Tony Petrello was one of the most paid bosses in the United States. However, this is not the case anymore. Tony was ranked at $68.2 million in the recent reports. According to some finance experts, Petrello might not be able to defend his title this year, because his earnings have significantly reduced. The drop in his earnings is as a result of the angry shareholders.

Antony Petrello popularly known as Tony by most people is the president and chief executive officer of a company known as Nabors Industries. Tony Petrello is also the chairman of the successful organizations. Nabors Industries specializes in the oil business, although it doesn’t produce oil. The institution mostly serves as a contract driller and also an oil service company that has acquired many companies in the past.

Nabors Industries currently has over five hundred active rigs in more than twenty-five nations. The company is believed to be one of the biggest fleet owners of the land-based drilling rigs. These rigs are considered to be high in demand in the booming shale fracking industry on

Tony Petrello is known to many as a Texas roughneck, but this is not the case. Tony got the position at Nabors in 1991. He was first elected to the board of directors just after he had left an organization known as Baker and McKenzie law firm. While working in this organization, Tony Petrello specializes in the corporate taxes. He acquired a lot of expertise in this organization, and this helped his predecessor, Eugene Isenberg in the company operations. Eugene decided to take the institution offshore in the year 2002, reincorporating it in Bermuda and Hamilton. This move was intended to cut the federal tax bill and leave the main offices of the organization in Houston.

This was a very controversial move for the team. The Bermuda corporate laws on Texas were going to gut the rights of the shareholders, and this made some of the investors to block the move. The lawsuit was, however, not successful because a federal judge in Houston prevented it.

While working in Nabors, Tony Petrello was fortunate to impress the board of directors. He successfully moved up the ladder, and in no time, he was able to replace Eugene Isenberg as the chief executive officer and president of the company. Tony got this position in October 2011, and since then, he has enabled the organization to earn more profits, increasing his salary. His dedication and hard work helped him get the title of chairman. After becoming the chairman of the organization, the share prices went up by over one hundred and eighty percent.


Ignition Financial Helped Me To Get A Better Rate On My Car Loan

I’ve never been a fan of car dealerships, which is why I saved up all my money to purchase a car outright. I needed a car for my job, but there was a family emergency that required me to spend all the money that I had saved for my car to help a family member with hospital bills, so I didn’t have the money to buy the car again. Since my credit was decent, financing a car was the only choice I had, so I went to a dealer to look for a car and to see what their loan terms were.


Since this was my second car, I did have some good credit history, but it could have been better. I got a good rate on my financing, which was 18%, but I still would have liked to see it get lower than that. My first thought was to get the car refinanced as soon as possible, but I knew I needed to build up some more payments and a good payment history with the car to get any refinancing company to look at me. I did a great job paying down the car by several thousand dollars within only six months.


By the time I was ready to refinance my car, I only had $3000 left on it to pay, so refinancing it would have saved me some money each month, so I decided to call Ignition Financial. I only know about Ignition Financial because they are in my area in Austin, Texas, and I heard many good things about what they are able to do for those who need refinancing. Since I had on-time payments with my car and had been paying extra, it looks very good on my credit, and I couldn’t believe how they were able to slash my payments.


My $250 a month payment dropped down to $175 a month, and I was looking at a significantly lower interest rate than the 18% I was paying to the other financing company. My loan was bought out, which then allowed me to make monthly payments that were saving me money. Even though I was able to save more money each month, my goal was to pay off the car as soon as possible, and I was able to own my car outright within a year. I love what Ignition Financial has done for me.