Lung Institute Restores Hope to Lung Disease Patients through Stem Cell Therapy

Chronic lung diseases can put one’s daily chores to an abrupt stop. The realization that you will no longer be enjoying doing your work due to shortness of breath can make you frustrated and even depressed. Luckily, Lung Institute offers stem cell therapy for lungs which will help you regain you pulmonary functions.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Every organism has essential building blocks of life known as stem cells. These cells have the ability to replicate and forming any tissue in the body. In adults, these cells are undifferentiated which make them capable of transforming their function to that of any other tissue in the body through plasticity process.

To perform stem cell therapy, the Lung Institute harvests stem cell from the patient’s body from either the blood tissue or the bone marrow. The ability of adult stem cells to form differentiated cells helps them promote healing once they are returned to the body. The stem cell therapy involves three steps; harvesting from either of the two body tissues, separating the sample cells, and returning the stem cells in the lungs where they automatically begin the healing process.

Types of Lung Conditions Treated Using Stem Cell Therapy

The Lung Institute uses stem cell therapy to deal with a number of lung conditions including;

About Lung Cancer Institute

The Lung Cancer Institute, founded in 2013 at Tampa, Florida, is the leading medical provider using regenerative therapy to treat lung diseases. Since its inception, the institute has successfully treated over 3000 patients suffering from lung diseases.

The institute’s success in treating lung diseases have made the receive worldwide recognition and have opened more centers in Scottsdale, Tennessee, Nashville, Texas, Dallas, Arizona, and Pittsburg, Pa. All their centers like Cedars-Sinai are world class which in combination with designated practices helps them provide quality help to lung disease patients.

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