Role Played by Betsy DeVos in Reforming Education Sector

For many years Betsy DeVos has been at the front line to champion for the educational reforms in the United States. Betsy began involved in leadership role way back at Calvin College when she ventured into campus politics, and has remained active ever since. Together with her husband, Dick DeVos, they have channeled millions of dollars for charity mainly targeting learning institution in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas. Recently, she was interviewed by Philanthropy magazine about her financial contributions, and the impact they had on the targeted communities.

Charitable Initiatives Spearheaded by Betsy DeVos

Through her financial donations, Betsy’s goal is to empower parents by providing them with educational options that can benefit their kids. She has been targeting less fortunate children who are unable to access quality education because of their family backgrounds. Having witnessed how parents struggle to send their kids to school, Betsy decided to play an important role of advocating for quality education program among all American children. Today, Betsy and her husband have established a movement that has approximately 250,000 children who are sponsored in both private and public programs across 17 states. During the interview, Betsy confirmed that the movement is showing positive growth, as the number of student expanded by approximately 40,000 within one year.

The educational choice program that is supported by Betsy DeVos is very popular, particularly among the Latinos. She believes that public schools are not performing, and some of them are actually failing. Her commitment to helping children from low income families started when they sent their kids to school. She created a foundation that offered scholarships to kids from low income backgrounds, but they realized the idea was not solving the real problem. Many parents did not get the scholarship they intended, meaning that their kids were not able access education they deserved. That was the time Betsy started to focus more on educational-choice program.


Brief Life History of Betsy DeVos

Early this year, Betsy DeVos was nominated by the President of United States to serve as the secretary of education for the new government. On February 7, 2017, the senate confirmed her nomination and she began her role as the secretary of education. Her role of championing for educational reforms in the United States played critical role of providing her with opportunity to serve in that position. Before she was confirmed, Betsy served as the chair of an investment firm, The Windquest Group, a company she founded with her husband Dick. Betsy is a bachelors of arts degree holder from Calvin College. As a result of her engagement with several charitable organizations, she has served in some of the boards as a way of showing commitment to the reforms she has always advocated. Check this article from New York Post.

George Soros and His Effort to Save Politics

In the political game, many factors come into play. One of these factors is supporting your preferred candidate through money donated, and that’s just what George Soros did in this past 2016 election. After a setback of $27 million in the 2004 election of George W. Bush, he decided to take a break from politics to focus on his ventures in Europe. However, with the announcement of the 2016 election candidates, Soros made plans to support the Democratic nominee and long-time friend Sen. Hillary Clinton. Favorite political news site Politico observed that by June of 2016, Soros had donated about $21 million to various super PACs and non-profit organizations that support Ms. Clinton and Democratic ideals of which Mr. Soros supports. Issues such as immigrant voters, religious tolerance, and abortion rights were all covered in Soros’ donations, though many groups he gave money to are not required to disclose their donors at all.

As far as non-political affiliations go, Soros is no stranger to hedge funds, which is how he amassed his fortune. Forbes states that in 1969 alone he managed to make $12 million by starting his own hedge fund company, now called the Quantum Fund. Today, he continues to work with Soros Fund Management, a $30 billion value in assets alone. Soros uses these funds to focus on many international matters that are important to him. In the past 30 years, his organizations have donated more than $13 million to non-profit groups that support human rights, universally accessible healthcare, and introducing democracy to the eastern hemisphere. Additionally, his organizations focused on donating to causes that would concentrate on building infrastructure in the United States, combat the rapidly increasing threat of climate change, and fight income inequality. He also believes that there is too much money in politics and that one person should not be able to purchase the sway of the election given enough money. Read this story at about George Soros.

However, the 2016 election was a stressful time for all involved, and Mr. Soros was no exception. He had backed former President Barack Obama with the hopes that Obama would uphold the Democratic liberal values. When this did not occur to the extent that Soros would have liked, his political donations wavered, instead focusing on his international efforts. However, while he did not support President Obama as much as he had hoped to, the new Democratic nominee was vastly preferable to the likes of Donald Trump, who he views as a fire-stoker for terrorists and economic unrest in the United States of America. George Soros firmly believes that Mr. Trump is opening the floodgates for terrorists by fear-mongering and inciting rage against minorities and anyone who isn’t with him. Soros fought to change that by backing Hillary Clinton, who still wishes to reform how America handles the justice and immigration systems and to unite the people under one flag.

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End Citizens United Raises $4 Million, Aspires to Bring In $35 Million For 2018 Campaigns

End Citizens United is a political action committee that seeks to blunt the disastrous effects the Supreme Court ruling that opened up the spigots on the amount of money that corporations and the rich can spend in political campaigns. The PAC recently announced that they had gathered more than $4 million from small donors across the United States. They are expecting to be able to raise a total of $35 million by the time the 2018 midterm Congressional elections start. This will be a marked increase from the $25 million that End Citizens United had totaled for the 2016 national elections.

The President and Executive Director of End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller, said that they had received money from 100,000 people, with 40,000 of those donors having contributed for the first time. The goal of the PAC is to elect politicians to the House and Senate who will fight to pass campaign-finance reform bills. The average donation the organization receives is $12. The donors have said that the current political process is rigged in favor of the rich and the outsized influence they get by writing enormous checks. Additionally, people are up in arms across the country about the election of Donald Trump and his disturbing policies and political appointments.

A candidate that End Citizen United is currently contributing to is Democrat Jon Ossoff who is running for the Republican House seat that Tom Price held before being appointed as the Health and Human Services Secretary. So far, they have contributed $500,000 to him and he has raised $4 million in total. This race was expected to be easily won by the Republican candidate as the race is in suburban Georgia which has voted Republican for decades. This has developed into a surprisingly competitive race as voters are beginning to realize they were lied to by Donald Trump and the Republican party.

Muller has not yet decided which candidates they will be backing in the 2018 midterm elections. Early indications are that they will be supporting current Senator’s Jon Tester of Montana and Sherrod Brown of Ohio, however.

It was in 2010 that the Supreme Court ruled on the case called Citizens United. The outcome of the case led to corporations being defined as people and as such limiting their political spending meant limiting their right to free speech. The ruling resulted in super PACs which are funded by the virtually unlimited spending by corporations, unions, and wealthy individuals.

As End Citizens United is a traditional PAC, the size of the donations that it can accept are limited to $5,000 from any one donor. Irregardless, it is expected to be a major player in the 2018 and 2020 elections as ordinary people across the nation support its political efforts and mission.