Tony Petrello is No longer the Best Paid CEO

Several years ago, Tony Petrello was one of the most paid bosses in the United States. However, this is not the case anymore. Tony was ranked at $68.2 million in the recent reports. According to some finance experts, Petrello might not be able to defend his title this year, because his earnings have significantly reduced. The drop in his earnings is as a result of the angry shareholders.

Antony Petrello popularly known as Tony by most people is the president and chief executive officer of a company known as Nabors Industries. Tony Petrello is also the chairman of the successful organizations. Nabors Industries specializes in the oil business, although it doesn’t produce oil. The institution mostly serves as a contract driller and also an oil service company that has acquired many companies in the past.

Nabors Industries currently has over five hundred active rigs in more than twenty-five nations. The company is believed to be one of the biggest fleet owners of the land-based drilling rigs. These rigs are considered to be high in demand in the booming shale fracking industry on

Tony Petrello is known to many as a Texas roughneck, but this is not the case. Tony got the position at Nabors in 1991. He was first elected to the board of directors just after he had left an organization known as Baker and McKenzie law firm. While working in this organization, Tony Petrello specializes in the corporate taxes. He acquired a lot of expertise in this organization, and this helped his predecessor, Eugene Isenberg in the company operations. Eugene decided to take the institution offshore in the year 2002, reincorporating it in Bermuda and Hamilton. This move was intended to cut the federal tax bill and leave the main offices of the organization in Houston.

This was a very controversial move for the team. The Bermuda corporate laws on Texas were going to gut the rights of the shareholders, and this made some of the investors to block the move. The lawsuit was, however, not successful because a federal judge in Houston prevented it.

While working in Nabors, Tony Petrello was fortunate to impress the board of directors. He successfully moved up the ladder, and in no time, he was able to replace Eugene Isenberg as the chief executive officer and president of the company. Tony got this position in October 2011, and since then, he has enabled the organization to earn more profits, increasing his salary. His dedication and hard work helped him get the title of chairman. After becoming the chairman of the organization, the share prices went up by over one hundred and eighty percent.


James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management Reduces Stake In Pendrell Corp.

On August 4, 2016, James Dondero, the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, reported an 11 percent stake in Pendrell Corporation. Highland Capital’s most recent 13G SEC filing lists the details of its most recent Class A common stock purchase, including ownership and voting rights of the purchasers.

Highland Capital Management’s recent 13G filing seems to support the idea that Pendrell most recent stock run may have seen its peak and that Dondero may be securing some of the profits before the stock levels off and returns to a more normal value. Highland still retains an 11 percent ownership of Pendrell outstanding common stock shares despite its recent sell-off, which has almost halved the firm’s stake in the company.

Highland Capital Management’s 13F filing, which came out at the end of March, showed that the firm held the company 45.6 million shares of Class A common stock as opposed to its most recent 13G filing, which reported a holding of 23.57 million shares. This does not mean, however, that Dondero and Highland Capital Management have lost faith in the stock, but rather may be just a strategic move to lock in some of the profits made during the stock’s rise in value over the past six months.

James Dondero is the co-founder and current president of Highland Capital Management, one of the largest global alternative credit management firms, responsible for over $18 billion of assets.

Before co-founding and managing Highland Capital Management, Dondero was instrumental in the creation of the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life where he held the position of Chief Investment Officer. He has also held the positions of Corporate Bond Analyst and Portfolio Manager at American Express. Mr. Dondero currently serves as Chairman of NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and is a board member of MGM Studios and American Banknote.

Last quarter Pendrell showed excellent progress and reported $45 million in revenue and $23.48 million in operating income. In the most recent quarter a Pendrell Corp. subsidiary Memory Technologies LLC signed a patent licensing deal with Toshiba.

To view more information about Highland Capital Management’s current stake in Pendrell Corp., as well as the details of the 13G SEC filing, visit:


With Talk Fusion, Marketing Just got Easier

Marketing forms an essential part of a successful business establishment that informs potential clientele of the existence of an entity. For this reason, anybody thinking about beginning a business must factor in the cost of marketing. For a long time, marketing has been done through advertisements in mass media and to some extent, those who could not afford mass media do one on one marketing is events and symposia.

Fortunately, Talk Fusion is here to make marketing easier, faster and cheaper. Founded in 2007 by its current CEO, Bob Reina, the company has grown to surpass the hitherto video service giants like AOL, Yahoo and MegaVideo. The company offers a number of video services and is a member of Direct Selling Association.

Talk Fusion offers video emailing services whereby a person can attach and send a video as part of an email. As a result, one can communicate to another, ideas that would have required a lot of time to explain in a written email. As far as marketing is concerned, this feature is of great significance.  With Talk Fusion video email feature, such a company can keep this kind of clients informed of new products and services via video email. It is much more personal hence effective as the customer receiving the email will feel valued and will be likely to return to get goods or services from the company.

Secondly, the company offers video newsletter services. As a result, a business can market itself on the web through these newsletters. A person viewing the newsletter on a video will be more attracted to learn more about the business. It is a fact that distributing hard copies of newsletters to people would be very expensive, time-consuming and reach a limited number of individuals.

In addition to what I have highlighted, Talk Fusion offers much more video marketing options that have the effect of revolutionizing marketing and the way businesses are conducted.

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Kenneth Goodgame and his Marketing Skills

One of the mots influential individuals within the marketing and sales industry is an individual known as Kenneth Goodgame who is not only known for his excellent work with some of the top companies in the world, but is also known for his dedication to the customer and her personable relationship that he has with both the employees as well as the clients of the company. Kenneth Goodgame is a highly influential operations management executive who has been involved with the marketing and sales industry as early as his graduation from college. Thanks to Goodgame and his expertise and his natural talent, Mr. Goodgame has improved many companies exponentially and has helped his clients build revenue by millions to even by billions of dollars. Though Mr. Goodgame has always had the big picture in mind, Mr. Goodgame is also an expert in details of the business and learning how a business can function in the most efficient manner.

With a degree in marketing from college, Mr. Goodgame has put this degree to good use for the past 20 years that he has been a part of the marketing industry. With innovative marketing as well as merchandising techniques and tools, Goodgame has been beneficial for every single company that he has been a part of.  Goodgame has always been an individual who has been dedicated to delivering exactly what the customer demands.

With his leadership skills, Mr. Goodgame has been the perfect teacher of each company that he has been involved with.  Mr. Goodgame believes that productivity goes up when the employee is involved in contributing to the business with their own skills. The expertise of Ken Goodgame has been the result of not only talent, but also experience within the marketing industry that will continue to be put to good use for not only the consumer, but also for the producer.

Eric Pulier Helps Others

Based in Los Angeles, CA, is an innovator as well as a technologist who has dedicated his life as well as his career to help serve others through not only providing information, but also through providing technological solutions that have already been proven to solve some of the world’s most complex issues. This individual is Eric Pulier who has almost three decades of experience within both the business industry, as well as in the technological industry. In present day, Mr. Pulier is proud to call himself not just an innovator, but an American entrepreneur, businessman, and even philanthropist who has also dedicated his wealth to serving others. Most of the most pressing issues that Mr. Pulier addresses through his countless businesses and foundations is the issue of healthcare as well as the issue of chronic illnesses among children. Over the years, Mr. Pulier has continued to develop and perfect ways to help the citizens all over the world.

As an avid donator of not only his time, money, and efforts, Mr. Pulier has been particularly set on helping children who have been diagnosed with illnesses that are chronic. As a result of his actions and time, Mr. Pulier even created a website that acts as a social media site for all children with chronic illnesses. This site was specifically designed to connect individuals that go through the same hardship. This social media site allowed for children with chronic illnesses in over 70 hospitals across the United States to connect with each other.

Eric Pulier has been considered to be one of the most successful individuals of the 21st century. As the founder and co-founder of over 15 businesses, Eric Pulier has been able to generate hundreds of millions of dollars on an annual basis. Though Eric Pulier is a success, much of his success he attributes to the failure that he experienced. Mr. Pulier believes that for any businessman to be considered successful, they must first understand the feel of ultimate failure.

Diversant is the Solution to your IT Staffing

The success of any business depends on all stakeholders. The key players being the employees and management. Good employees will propel your business to greater heights making it essential for you to employ your staff wisely and allocate duties on their specialties as well. Information technicians are in a particular way required to be well conversant will technology, both existing and upcoming so as to enhance the proper working of your business and good transaction of all business operations.

Diversant has however simplified the process of acquiring proper employees for you. It goes an extra mile to understand your business as their clients so that you enjoy the maximum benefits of what they offer. Guiding principles being integrity and respect for others, the dedicated team of experts provide professional services to all their clients and welcome those that require their services for the first time. The leadership not being an exception as the key to any successful endeavor is quality management.

The principal, John Goullet, has lead and propelled the company to being an award winning company. Being an entrepreneur, his love for IT, motivated him to deeper IT knowledge, including all emerging issues, then grew the desire to share the acquired knowledge and help others in the field. The motivation, made him change his career in 1994 from an IT consultant to IT staffing. His happiness lies in being a part of other people’s solutions. He understands the needs of his clients, then matches the skills and work style of his clients to the employees they require. This always gets his clients the best and hence has partnered with over 500compnaies. On the other hand, he develops new and better ways of dealing with the ever-changing and advancing IT world; this makes him remain competitive in the market.

Always understand the needs of a client. A satisfied customer will go an extra mile in marketing your company. No one stops talking about a job well done. That is Diversant’s little

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