Securus Technologies Helping Make Correctional Facilities Safer with Drone Detection Technology

Securus Technologies is not just another prison communication company in the United States. It has set itself apart by providing the best communication and safety services to the industry that has often been plagued by negligence. The prison industry has often complained of not getting adequate help from the authorities to make their premises safer and secured. But it is Securus Technologies that aims to make these prisons safer so that no guard or officer is injured or face difficulty in the workplace.

It has introduced some excellent technology devices that have replaced the old and the outdated way of securing the premises of the prisons. Securus Technologies started off as a small communication company but today has a research lab in Dallas from where they test new technologically advanced devices to be used by the prison industry. The company has not only been responsible towards the officers working in the industry but also aims to provide the right communication services to the prisons and their family members.

The use of technology is essential in correctional space as it is how the correctional agencies would be able to control the crime rate inside the prisons and ensure that the flow of contraband items is reduced. Securus Technologies has been able to deliver futuristic technology to the correctional sphere from time to time, which has helped the correctional and law enforcement agencies to keep a tab on the inmates and the criminals.

The criminal justice technology plays a vital role in reducing the crime rate, and it has done so in over 3,450 correctional facilities. Recently, Securus Technologies also won the famous Golden Stevie Award for the sales and customer service. The sales and customer service of the company is well-known in the industry for its attentiveness and responsiveness. Securus Technologies won 3 Golden Stevie Awards in the year 2018, which showcases the commitment of Securus Technologies to ensure that the customers always get the best value for money.

Securus Technologies is also known for developing high-end correctional technologies for the penitentiary sphere. One of the technologies that the company recently developed and launched is the drone detection technology. It works on the same principle as the wireless containment system and would ensure that no drones are being able to enter the corrections space without authorization. Recently, the cases of drones coming to the corrections facilities to drop contraband packages have increased drastically. In many occasions, the drones have been used to deliver weapons inside the prisons. It can be harmful to the correctional officers as well as the inmates. It is what Securus Technologies aims to stop with the use of its new drone detection technology, which the company plans to develop further in future.



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