Desiree Perez- Billboard

Some people know how to take a business opportunity and make the most of it. Desiree Perez is one such person that knows how to really make the most of the business opportunities that come her way. She is heading up Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, and she has had a big hand in helping him solidify his brand when it comes to music streaming as well. Tidal has been most successful largely because of the influence that Desiree Perez has had behind the scenes.

She has proven herself to be a very instrumental part of Jay-Z’s influential circle, and her work with Roc Nation has allowed many people to know her name.Desiree Perez someone that has managed to pull out all the stops when it comes to innovation and building a significant brand. People are excited about what she is doing with Roc Nation because there was a point where Jay-Z at put the Roc Nation family on hold. He had too many business opportunities in place to really take a serious look at what the artists were doing.

It is with the help of Desiree Perez where Jay has been able to elevate and take on other business ventures because he had help from Desiree Perez. She has proven to be a great leader that knows a lot of ways to entice consumers. She knows about marketing and managing because she has had a great teacher.She has learned a lot from Jay-Z, but he has also learned a couple of things from her. Desiree Perez has been nominated as one of the business women of the year by billboard, and this is no coincidence. Her tenacious spirit allowed her ability to build a company that people are excited about. Billboard got it right when she was nominated Desiree Perez.

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