The Academy Of Art University Is The Epitome Of Fashion

When it comes to the industry of fashion, originality can be a difficult thing to find. This is especially true with the high demands and fast turn-around on concepts that were just developed. A high level of creativity is required for fashion to become an art rather than something that is merely functional. The Academy of Art University put on a runway showcase for those enthusiasts out there that managed to blow the audience away. Designers from all over brought in there own ideas and unique styles that really demonstrated their personal sensibilities.


The Academy of Art University was first established in 1929, and the institute has since been cultivating a high standard and regard for creativity when it comes to fashion. The displays at the runway this year were an expression of the University’s core value when it comes to fashion. Each of the designers that were selected brought in new perspectives from all walks of life that left long last impressions. Sara Kozlowski Director at CFDA and America’s Next Top Model J. Alexander were left speechless by the performance. As the biggest privately owned fashion school in the US, the Academy of Art University showed that designers from all over the world were able to create extraordinary designs that were as functional as artistic.

The various pieces that were displayed during the showcase were extremely varied. This might seem expected given that the designers came from regions all around the world, but the uniqueness of each design was exceptional and worth seeing for any budding fashion enthusiast. The Academy of Art University is on a mission to push the boundaries of fashion and have proved their impact of visionary design. What the future holds is anyone’s guess, but what is certain is the Academy of Art University will play a role in creating the future of design.


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