Todd Lubar Seeks to Combine IoT with Real Estate

In years past, innovation resulting from the efforts of forward-thinking entrepreneurs has had a profound effect on the world’s economy, often disrupting entire markets, creating new jobs, while eliminating staple positions of old. The advent of the steam engine was one of the most important innovations of all time, changing the methods of travel, while drastically increasing their efficiency. While increased job rates that offer higher earning potential are often a benefit of influential new forms of technology, the goods and services provided by these innovations far outweigh the job market in terms of overall effect. According to Todd Lubar, the world is currently experiencing a technological renaissance due to its rapid evolution, as we are now capable of executing tasks through the use of tech that was looked at as impossible in previous years. While the real estate market has not experienced as many of the technological advances that have become common in other sectors of business, Todd Lubar, as well as many other forward-thinking entrepreneurs are now combining the tech sector with the real estate market, helping to bring smart homes to the mainstream. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

The internet of things, which connects a number of devices with the internet, continues to rest at the helm of modern innovation, and when implemented into the home, allow a groundbreaking level of efficiency. Smart lights, smart locks, and virtual assistants are now becoming increasingly common in today’s market, allowing people to control the conditions of their home while in a separate location. These advances are also affecting people living with handicaps, which is a population that, until recently, has been mostly neglected by innovators. Independent living is now much more plausible for those living with handicaps, making the market for smart homes a sector with practically unlimited potential. For more details visit Crunchbase to know more.

As one of the leading real estate entrepreneurs in the United States, Todd Lubar successfully predicted the rising smart home trend, and in the future, has ambitions of linking the developing technological movement with tried and tested real estate practices. He graduated from Syracuse University in 1995 with a B.A in speech communication and is the current President of the growing investment firm, TDL Global Ventures.

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