Todd Lubar Seeks to Combine IoT with Real Estate

In years past, innovation resulting from the efforts of forward-thinking entrepreneurs has had a profound effect on the world’s economy, often disrupting entire markets, creating new jobs, while eliminating staple positions of old. The advent of the steam engine was one of the most important innovations of all time, changing the methods of travel, while drastically increasing their efficiency. While increased job rates that offer higher earning potential are often a benefit of influential new forms of technology, the goods and services provided by these innovations far outweigh the job market in terms of overall effect. According to Todd Lubar, the world is currently experiencing a technological renaissance due to its rapid evolution, as we are now capable of executing tasks through the use of tech that was looked at as impossible in previous years. While the real estate market has not experienced as many of the technological advances that have become common in other sectors of business, Todd Lubar, as well as many other forward-thinking entrepreneurs are now combining the tech sector with the real estate market, helping to bring smart homes to the mainstream. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

The internet of things, which connects a number of devices with the internet, continues to rest at the helm of modern innovation, and when implemented into the home, allow a groundbreaking level of efficiency. Smart lights, smart locks, and virtual assistants are now becoming increasingly common in today’s market, allowing people to control the conditions of their home while in a separate location. These advances are also affecting people living with handicaps, which is a population that, until recently, has been mostly neglected by innovators. Independent living is now much more plausible for those living with handicaps, making the market for smart homes a sector with practically unlimited potential. For more details visit Crunchbase to know more.

As one of the leading real estate entrepreneurs in the United States, Todd Lubar successfully predicted the rising smart home trend, and in the future, has ambitions of linking the developing technological movement with tried and tested real estate practices. He graduated from Syracuse University in 1995 with a B.A in speech communication and is the current President of the growing investment firm, TDL Global Ventures.

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Live Fusion and Bob Reina – Video Communication Wins Again

Video Communicator based application Live Fusion just outdid everyone in the WebRTC world. Their video conferencing products are ridding of everything about video communication computer programs. With Live Meetings, their updated video conferencing program no downloading is necessary, and instead all is necessary is a regular web browser to operate. The program works through all web browser access electronics including mobile devices, and tablets. This is especially beneficial to trading company individuals hoping to reach more than a full room of individuals during meetings abroad using any device. The program, alike its other company programs, is able to reach a high amount of live attendee participants. High being as many as 500 participants in attendance. In addition, it utilizes the same advanced detailing web design as with its famous Talk Fusion award winning design modules. Timing is also a plus with the new advancements delivering better, more efficient real-time live video conferencing. No more long waiting times to join a conference. The image and audio featured in this program is promised to be top technology by founder of Live Fusion Bob Reina.


Bob Reina also the company’s CEO hopes to better video communication with re-branding WebRTC technology and tapping into marketing video conferencing for companies and individuals alike. Reina and co-founder Jonathan Chen developed a email video program called Video Email in 2004. Video Email was meant to provide video communication breach between individuals through email. Reina began this vision with the knowledge that video would one day become the most important and popular mode of communication. He was not wrong.


Bob Reina was a Florida officer before diving into marketing and technology. He was prompted to attend a MLM telecommunications company, then set forth to become the top distributor of the company. With a clear vision in mind Reina contacted Jonathan Chen and founded Live Fusion. A a lover of pets dating all the way back to Bob Reina being a patrolman. He often donates proceeds to various non-profit organizations involving animals. Learn more:




Tony Petrello Is The CEO Of Nabors Who Gives And Gives More

You know that a company cares about people when it responds in a large way during a disaster. When Hurricane Harvey struck in 2017, many Texans were hit hard, and Nabors Industries, which Tony Petrello heads up as CEO, came to the rescue. In an effort that has been hailed as incredibly giving, the company paid many of its employees to take time off to offer a hand wherever they were needed most. On top of this, when the employees of Nabors donated money to the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund, Tony Petrello matched them, dollar for dollar, out of his own pocket. This ended up being more than $173,000 that went to the relief fund.

Anyone who lives in Houston, Texas knows that Tony Petrello is a guy with a large heart. It is well-known that he is often present at charitable events and that he donates his own money to causes he believes in. His passion for promoting and improving education partly came from Professor Lang who mentored him while he studies at Yale University. When his mentor of the past passed away, Tony donated $150,000 to a endowment fund to match the donations that came from the other students at Yale who loved Professor Serge Lang as well.

Tony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, and he has long been known for his philanthropy and generous giving. His donations to scientific research in the medical industry have been extremely helpful, and, just recently, he donated $2 million on top of the $5 million he had already donated. A lot of Tony’s giving goes to medical facilities in Houston, Texas that help children with neurological disorders. His inspiration and motivation to help other children comes from the fact that his own daughter, Carena, has a neurological disorder that makes it difficult for her to talk, walk, and eat food.

Tony Petrello is on the Board of Trustees of Texas Children’s Hospital, and he also promotes looking deeper into how to treat kids with neurological disorders. He works hard at Nabors Industries so he can earn a large paycheck that allows him to donate even more to the cause he believes in most. His ability to see modern opportunities and bring Nabors into the modern world has allowed him to offer strategic support and direction to the company that he has dedicated a good part of his later life to.

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