Kate Hudson’s Fabletics gives a new shopping experience to female shoppers

The main reason why many online clothing companies are unable to make serious money is that there are hundreds of companies fighting for the same customers. Even worse is the fact that there are established giants in the e-commerce industry such as the Amazon that command a 20 percent stake in the annual sales from the industry. However, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics appears to break out of the pack, and they are making Amazon run for their dollar. In less than five years, Fabletics is already making over $250 million from the e-commerce industry.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics success did not come on a silver plate. It has taken a lot of effort and innovation for Kate Hudson and her team to build Fabletics to what it is today. Kate Hudson attributes the success of her company directly to reverse showrooming, a strategy they have been using since the company was established. The company also offers abundance membership perks, which have made customers remain loyal while coming along with their friends.


If you take a look at the Fabletics physical stores, you will realize that there is a lot that is happening there. Inside the stores, one thing that you will easily notice is the unique shopping experience that is different from what is available in other stores. Fabletics is giving their customers a unique opportunity to take Lifestyle quiz, which enables them to pick the apparel that is right for them.


To compete with giants such as Amazon, a company has to use innovative strategies to help them attract more customers and keep the existing ones. Any time a customer tries clothing at the retail store, the data is uploaded to their fabletics account. So, when a customer logs into the Fabletics store, they get suggestions in the e-cart, which makes it easy for them to shop.


Besides offering competitive prices, Fabletics also rewards their clients with free shipping on their orders. They also offer massive discounts on the apparel in their online portal and their physical stores. While inside the stores, a customer gets a personal assistant who guides them while shopping. The shopping assistant reviews the lifestyle quiz answers and then helps the customers to decide the best apparel for them.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics focuses on helping female shoppers get what they want; high quality and functional clothing. They also get all the pampering that they deserve alongside other perks that comes with being a member of Fabletics.

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