Things you need to know about Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar has always worked for the best, and like any other entrepreneur, he has always targeted to make his services and products unique. Diversity has always been part of I life, and Todd does not limit himself when it comes to investing. His achievements are notable, and the renowned entrepreneur never ceases to bring a revolution in the business industry. Being the president of TDL Global Ventures, Todd has seen the industry rise into a better one through his excellent customer concerns and services. His firm has attracted a significant number of clients since its launch, and through his expertise, he has diversified his operations from mortgage banking to recycling business, real estate ventures among many other entrepreneurial opportunities.

Giving back to other people has always been part of Todd Lubar`s life, and his many achievements have been a great inspiration to him to help other people develop themselves. The renowned entrepreneur has over the past years offered solutions to individuals in the best ways they can eliminate the various obstacles that hinder them from achieving their dreams. He has also developed different relief strategies to help people with interest in venturing into the field of entrepreneurship successfully offer the best services to people.

Todd encourages entrepreneurs to cautiously select their preferred team of employees and ensure that they critically evaluate their level of performance to make sure that they choose the best people who they share a common goal. The highly successful entrepreneur also insists that an excellent choice of workers helps a firm deliver the best quality of products hence attracting more customers for huge profits.

On Inspirery, Todd insists that an entrepreneur cannot succeed if they lack the passion and drive to guide them through their mission. He thus encourages people to set objectives which they ought to accomplish to work towards achieving them.

Through the various companies that Lubar has worked in, he has gained amendable skills to deliver the best services to his customers. While he was working at Crestar Mortgage Corporation, he gained significant skills that motivated him to venture into the real estate business, and he also learned the importance of entering into partnerships with other firms. View Todd’s profile on

The Rowing Sport and Orange Coast College (OCC)

Orange Coast College is a 164-acre university which is situated in Costa Mesa, just a few minutes from the stunning shores of Southern California. The university was started in 1947 and classes began in 1948. Since 1948, Orange Coast College has developed to be one of the largest and best community universities in the country. The college has more than 25,000 students registered at the university each semester. Learn more:


Orange Coast College has promoted exceptional features with the latest technology while providing more than 135 academic and career programs, which compromise one of the largest as well as acclaimed public nautical strategies in the country. Also, several Orange Coast College students have successfully shifted to private colleges and universities in California, and all over the country. OCC provides winter, spring, and fall classes. The college is totally approved by the Western Association of Colleges and Schools.


Rowing is the sport which makes individuals healthy as well as bounce back to their day to day activities. The game equips players with physical and mental skills which enables them to overpower challenges that come into being. The beauty and art of the rowing game is that it’s decorative. It is usually performed in the beautiful and calm morning when the vessels are permitted to sail along while every player is allowed to do the exact thing at the exact time.


Orange Coast College rowing has turned to be a serious game. It has acquired an elite degree of identification, and still, numerous participants on the Orange Coast College games group have not engaged in the dragging of a paddle before. As stated by the head instructor of Stanford University Men’s team, Orange Coast College was the springboard he needed to go to do the next degree that met the following requirements: professionalism, academic, and athletics. Learn more:


As said before, a rowing game which is currently advertised by OCC is not only about physical growth, but also mental development. Some players may have endeavored with games exercises in high school, though at the moment, they are the finest players in the university. This because of the discipline and friendships created from the rowing game.


The Academy of Arts University Committed Towards Excellence in the Fashion and Design Industry

The New York fashion week provides a platform through which new upcoming designers showcase their talents in the fashion industry. On September 9, 2017, a group of ten designers who are BFA and MFA graduates participated at the 21st runway showcase event organized by the School of fashion at the Academy of Art University. The fashion show was held at Skylight Clarkson Square which is famously known as the official residence for all things style. The participants showcased five womenswear, two menswear including two collaborations.
This year’s event was attended by some iconic people in the fashion industry, and they include the legendary Ms. J Alexander of Americas Next Top Model among others. The designers who originated from different backgrounds had a lot to show regarding ideas, silhouettes and craftsmanship techniques most of which impressed the audience. The designers are allocated 15 minutes each to showcase their talents and want they have learned in school over the years in front of their peers, potential mentors and fashion moguls around the world who are watching them online via live stream. It is on this platform that the designers can present their visions for the future of fashion.
About The Academy of Art University
The Academy of Art University is a privately owned for- Profit institution and was previously known as Academy of Art College. The school is based in San Francisco, California USA. The academy was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens and started off as an advertising academy. The academy boasts of being one of the largest privately owned fashion school in the whole of United States of America and has provided employment to more than 283 full-time tutors and 1154 part-time teaching staff and has about 12,600 students.
The Academy of Art University Founder Richard S. Stephens was a painter and magazine editor. Richard passed the mantle of leadership to his son in 1951 who then was succeeded by his daughter Elisa Stephens In 1992. Under Elisa Leadership the school recorded tremendous growth, the number of students rose from 2000 to around 18,000 by 2012.
The Academy of Art University has been actively involved in the New York fashion week event twice every year since the year 2005.