Copa Star, a New Hospital in Rio De Janeiro Uses Modern Technology to Cater to Pateints

Finally, the people of Rio De Janeiro are getting a new hospital that they can trust in. Copa Star, a brand new and state of the art hospital, is being inaugurated in the southern part of the city. The building looks like a five star hotel. This all fits in with its qualities of service, management and care.

It’s not only the building that is state of the art. Of course, the building itself is seven stories high and sits on land that is twenty one thousand square meters. However, it’s much more than that. Copa Star uses the most advanced technology to help its patients, doctors and nurses. For example, like a smart home, they have everything set up so that patients can call a doctor or a nurse or even control parts of their bed straight from their iPad. Interns can also use the technology to communicate with patients. Interns can also use the technology to help patients out with issues such as changing the lighting in their room or the temperature. If they are with the doctor, they interns can even use the technology to access the exams of the patient.

Jorge Moll, a known doctor in Rio De Janeiro, said that everyone is happy about the superb medical care that is now available. You see, it used to be that people in Rio De Janeiro had to fly out to other places to get their medical care. Now, they have the best service in medicine and service that is like a hotel for their accommodations.

They even made sure that the aroma in the building is pleasant and welcoming. Special technologies were used for this. There are other innovations, such as an attached area for stretchers and professionals so that they can move around quickly and easily.

There are over one hundred doctors at Copa Star hospital. All in all, there are over five hundred workers. They are equipped to deal with any situation that may arrive, and have trained with professional actors for this purpose. Visit their Facebook page.

The point is that this type of hospital and the services and technology it uses are just unprecedented in the country. Nobody else has all the smart rooms and surgical rooms that are so integrated with technology.

And if you thought this was a private hospital, think again. No, they accept anyone who has premium health insurance. In fact, the entire focus of the hospital and the way it was built was to cater to all the needs of the patients and their families. The entire hospital is based on the top medical standards around the world, and the best professionals work at this hospital to make it happen. You’ll get the best healthcare there.

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