Lifeline Screening Is The Company For People Who Want To Better Their Health

Lifeline Screening provides up-to-date, sophisticated medical scans that can be processed and sent to an individual’s personal physician for examination. These screening tests are usually not available at the local doctor’s office but are in hospitals and medical testing centers. They are moderately priced and are usually available locally in civic buildings and employers facilities.

Consequently, when a person gets a scan from Lifeline Screening, they are putting themselves in the position of being proactive about the future of their health situation. Many of the items that the preventive health screenings display do not have immediate or noticeable symptoms. For example, atrial fibrillation, or A-Fib is an irregular heartbeat. This happens when the upper chamber of the heart beats with a different rhythm than the lower chamber. This tends to set up the making of clots in the blood, which in turn, can cause a stroke. And yet, the individual has little to no warning or symptoms when this is happening.

The same logic is true with occluded arteries or plugged up arteries around your heart. This condition is known as Coronary Artery Disease, seems to have no symptoms really until you have a heart attack. Many of the real symptoms seem ordinary such as fatigue in the muscles of the arms and back.

In may cases, it is the screening process that alerts the person and their physician to the fact that there is a problem that ought to be addressed. Without the screening, the individual may not have a clue about the medical issue until it is too late. Prevention of the negative consequences of the condition or the disease is the main point of a preliminary screening.

Lifeline Screening is available in various settings all over the United States in civic buildings and employer settings. For a location in your area, you can go on the Lifeline Screening website.

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