Wessex Institute of Technology’s Life Changing Workshops

When one thinks of Wessex institute of technology, they consider it to be one of the most prestigious schools someone can attend. It is arguably Europe’s answer to America’s Harvard, Yale or Princeton universities. To put is simply, Wessex University will definitely raise the professional profile of anyone who is affiliated. As an institution of higher learning, Wessex Institute of Technology pushes students to their limits.Aside from degree programs, Wessex Institute of Technology offers short term workshop programs. Some of these areas include Transport and Disaster Risk Management, Security System Integration, Circular Economy and so forth. For those interested in the Transport and Disaster Risk Management workshop, they will learn a great deal about the transportation industry. The workshop focuses on creating solutions to transportation and disaster events. It also focuses on improvements to infrastructure that will mitigate the possibility of such events.

Another workshop focuses on Security System Integration. To name a few, this website is designed for system analysts, system managers, and security personnel. Last but not least, is the workshop on circular economy. As the global economy consolidates into one, several challenges persist. Global warming and deforestation pose serious threats. Due to global warming, the Earth’s sea levels are reaching historic highs. Deforestation is eradicating wildlife in disproportionate numbers. The numbers are so disproportionate,many of these species are facing extinction. A circular economy aims to address these problems by restoring resources pertaining to natural and financial yields. The circular economy focuses on renewable flows.

Adult Stem Cell Therapy at the Lung Institute Helps Patients with Lung Diseases

Stem cells are essential building blocks of life that self-renew and replicate and have the ability to form any type of body tissue. These cells can transform their function to that of other tissues through a function known in regenerative medicine as plasticity.

The Lung Institute uses stem cell to treat major pulmonary conditions such as pulmonary fibrosis, interstitial lung disease, chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive disease (COPD, https://lunginstitute.com/lung-diseases/copd/), and emphysema. The way in which an organization that offers stem cell treatment for these conditions determine how their patients respond to treatment.

The Lung Institute uses autologous stem cells, which are versatile cells derived from the blood or bone marrow of the patient. After harvesting stem cells from the patient’s blood or bone marrow, the well-trained experts at the institute separate the stem cells from all cells in the sample and return the concentrated stem cells to the patient’s bloodstream intravenously. Once that is done, the cells begin to promote healing in the lungs.

When stem cells are introduced into the body through IV, they go directly to the right side of the heart. And the heart subsequently pushes these cells straight to the lungs within a single heartbeat or two. When the cells arrive in the lung, they are immediately trapped. Although this may not be good news for people who would like to see how stem cells move throughout the body, for individuals looking to slow down the progression of various types of lung diseases like chronic bronchitis and chronic obstructive disease, it is a happy occurrence.

About the Lung Institute

The Lung Institute is an innovative leader in regenerative medicine with a mission to provide stem cell therapies for lung diseases. This organization is improving lives through their unwavering commitment to offer patients a more effective way to address various pulmonary health conditions.

Founded in 2013 in Tampa, Fla., the institute has established fully- equipped clinics in Scottsdale, Ariz., Pittsburgh, Pa., Nashville, Tenn., and Dallas, Texas. And according to supplementpolice.com, to date, they have treated over 2,000 patients, 82 percent of which have reported an improved quality of life.

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Read patient’s testimonials here: https://lunginstitute.com/testimonials/

Doe Deere, creative genius

In today’s modern times, it’s hard to get ahead of the pack when trying to build a successful business. There is no longer a choice between loving what you do or just selling a product to get by. No, now you have to love and believe whole heartedly in what you do to succeed. That’s exactly what the founder of Lime Crime make up, Doe Deere, did. Her love and faith in what she does is apparent through her success and the pride that seems to emanate from her smile when she poses for photos on social media wearing her products.

Known as the “Queen of Unicorns“, Doe says she was always “Imaginative and ambitious” in a recent article on ‘guest of a guest.com’ (Interview: Lime Crime’s Doe Deere On How To Make Your Dreams Come True). She had her first little business in Russia at 13, she says, selling temporary tattoos to her classmates, which was considered taboo. She says the business was successful because she wore the tattoos to show her classmates it was okay to wear them.

She was born and raised in Russia, and moved to the U.S. when she was seventeen first to Manhattan, New York then Brooklyn for nine years, and now she lives in Los Angeles, California. She lived in New York total from 1998 to 2012. Her initial intention was not to become an entrepreneur, but to be a musician. She was in a band in New York and still associates music with the cities she lived in. She credits being in a band and promoting said band with teaching her career, marketing and to appreciate the people who supported her by coming to her events. The band also gave her something else in return, her husband; and she says both of them writing songs and promoting the band helped them to collaborate.

She started making the special bright colors she’s known for in 2008, because they were hard to come by.She had no idea just how many other women were looking for those bright and hard to find colors. She majored in Fashion design at FIT in New York City, so she knew her way around the fashion world. Quickly, her company took off because of her knowledge and passion she had for her brand.

Doe has a message for those young women out there with big aspirations like her. “Follow your heart,” she says. “Because I believe every person has something special about them.”

Visit http://www.doedeere.com/ for more about Doe Deere.


Copa Star, a New Hospital in Rio De Janeiro Uses Modern Technology to Cater to Pateints

Finally, the people of Rio De Janeiro are getting a new hospital that they can trust in. Copa Star, a brand new and state of the art hospital, is being inaugurated in the southern part of the city. The building looks like a five star hotel. This all fits in with its qualities of service, management and care.

It’s not only the building that is state of the art. Of course, the building itself is seven stories high and sits on land that is twenty one thousand square meters. However, it’s much more than that. Copa Star uses the most advanced technology to help its patients, doctors and nurses. For example, like a smart home, they have everything set up so that patients can call a doctor or a nurse or even control parts of their bed straight from their iPad. Interns can also use the technology to communicate with patients. Interns can also use the technology to help patients out with issues such as changing the lighting in their room or the temperature. If they are with the doctor, they interns can even use the technology to access the exams of the patient.

Jorge Moll, a known doctor in Rio De Janeiro, said that everyone is happy about the superb medical care that is now available. You see, it used to be that people in Rio De Janeiro had to fly out to other places to get their medical care. Now, they have the best service in medicine and service that is like a hotel for their accommodations.

They even made sure that the aroma in the building is pleasant and welcoming. Special technologies were used for this. There are other innovations, such as an attached area for stretchers and professionals so that they can move around quickly and easily.

There are over one hundred doctors at Copa Star hospital. All in all, there are over five hundred workers. They are equipped to deal with any situation that may arrive, and have trained with professional actors for this purpose. Visit their Facebook page.

The point is that this type of hospital and the services and technology it uses are just unprecedented in the country. Nobody else has all the smart rooms and surgical rooms that are so integrated with technology.

And if you thought this was a private hospital, think again. No, they accept anyone who has premium health insurance. In fact, the entire focus of the hospital and the way it was built was to cater to all the needs of the patients and their families. The entire hospital is based on the top medical standards around the world, and the best professionals work at this hospital to make it happen. You’ll get the best healthcare there.

Know more: http://sidetech.com.br/index.php/copa-star-contrata-peoplenet/

Role Played by Betsy DeVos in Reforming Education Sector

For many years Betsy DeVos has been at the front line to champion for the educational reforms in the United States. Betsy began involved in leadership role way back at Calvin College when she ventured into campus politics, and has remained active ever since. Together with her husband, Dick DeVos, they have channeled millions of dollars for charity mainly targeting learning institution in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas. Recently, she was interviewed by Philanthropy magazine about her financial contributions, and the impact they had on the targeted communities.

Charitable Initiatives Spearheaded by Betsy DeVos

Through her financial donations, Betsy’s goal is to empower parents by providing them with educational options that can benefit their kids. She has been targeting less fortunate children who are unable to access quality education because of their family backgrounds. Having witnessed how parents struggle to send their kids to school, Betsy decided to play an important role of advocating for quality education program among all American children. Today, Betsy and her husband have established a movement that has approximately 250,000 children who are sponsored in both private and public programs across 17 states. During the interview, Betsy confirmed that the movement is showing positive growth, as the number of student expanded by approximately 40,000 within one year.

The educational choice program that is supported by Betsy DeVos is very popular, particularly among the Latinos. She believes that public schools are not performing, and some of them are actually failing. Her commitment to helping children from low income families started when they sent their kids to school. She created a foundation that offered scholarships to kids from low income backgrounds, but they realized the idea was not solving the real problem. Many parents did not get the scholarship they intended, meaning that their kids were not able access education they deserved. That was the time Betsy started to focus more on educational-choice program.

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Brief Life History of Betsy DeVos

Early this year, Betsy DeVos was nominated by the President of United States to serve as the secretary of education for the new government. On February 7, 2017, the senate confirmed her nomination and she began her role as the secretary of education. Her role of championing for educational reforms in the United States played critical role of providing her with opportunity to serve in that position. Before she was confirmed, Betsy served as the chair of an investment firm, The Windquest Group, a company she founded with her husband Dick. Betsy is a bachelors of arts degree holder from Calvin College. As a result of her engagement with several charitable organizations, she has served in some of the boards as a way of showing commitment to the reforms she has always advocated. Check this article from New York Post.

InnovaCare Is Backed With A Strong Team Of Leadership Professionals

InnovaCare is known for their strong group of leadership professionals. They strive hard to ensure that their beneficiaries get the benefits that they need to live a productive well being. Rick Shinto, CEO, of InnovaCare is also looking to hire other leadership professionals to his team to provide additional services to their beneficiaries. These additional executive leadership professionals were announced last year. In fact, Penelope Kokkindides, COO/COA, backs Shinto, 100%. Their mission is to put the needs of their beneficiaries first. They also believe that an expansion of leadership professionals will allow their customers to be better served by their client-physician services.

InnovaCare is one of the largest managed healthcare providers in North America. They proudly serve over 246,000+ beneficiaries with over 75,000 providers. They are redefining healthcare management with a team of spectacular managed healthcare specialist. Customers have the benefits of two managed healthcare plans that include MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare choice for their providers to choose from. InnovaCare Health is fully integrated with advance technology solutions that allow them to compete with a ever changing complex healthcare network. You get cost effective sustainable healthcare Medicare plans that are unmatched by their providers. Read this article about Innovacare at Yahoo Finance

You get a coordinated model with years of experience through the healthcare programs initiated by Penelope Kokkindies. She has expertise in the healthcare field with a Chief Executive Officer position with Centerlight Healthcare. She stands behind Shinto and agrees that adding to their leadership team will benefit their beneficiaries. Her knowledge of the healthcare system have played a major role in advanced technology and member services to InnovaCare. She has always been a welcome addition to InnovaCare. You still get all of the benefits of the original Medicare and Medicaid plan. Johnathan Myers will also be another leadership professional that will be added to the strong team of executives at InnovaCare.

You’re invited to visit their exclusive website for more details on becoming a part of their reliable healthcare network. You have the option of receiving amazing healthcare benefits that give you additional services like dental and visual. Their beneficiaries get reliable services that their beneficiaries need to leave an active lifestyle. They believe that a strong team of professionals will help their beneficiaries get the services that they need. Their stakeholders are also proud of InnovaCare and their continued growth. However, their primary mission is to ensure that the needs of their patients always come first to ensure quality managed healthcare services.

Read more: http:/www.businesswire.com/news/home/20141002006266/en/InnovaCare-Subsidiary-MMM-Healthcare-Acquires-FirstPlus-Medicare

Lifeline Screening Is The Company For People Who Want To Better Their Health

Lifeline Screening provides up-to-date, sophisticated medical scans that can be processed and sent to an individual’s personal physician for examination. These screening tests are usually not available at the local doctor’s office but are in hospitals and medical testing centers. They are moderately priced and are usually available locally in civic buildings and employers facilities.

Consequently, when a person gets a scan from Lifeline Screening, they are putting themselves in the position of being proactive about the future of their health situation. Many of the items that the preventive health screenings display do not have immediate or noticeable symptoms. For example, atrial fibrillation, or A-Fib is an irregular heartbeat. This happens when the upper chamber of the heart beats with a different rhythm than the lower chamber. This tends to set up the making of clots in the blood, which in turn, can cause a stroke. And yet, the individual has little to no warning or symptoms when this is happening.

The same logic is true with occluded arteries or plugged up arteries around your heart. This condition is known as Coronary Artery Disease, seems to have no symptoms really until you have a heart attack. Many of the real symptoms seem ordinary such as fatigue in the muscles of the arms and back.

In may cases, it is the screening process that alerts the person and their physician to the fact that there is a problem that ought to be addressed. Without the screening, the individual may not have a clue about the medical issue until it is too late. Prevention of the negative consequences of the condition or the disease is the main point of a preliminary screening.

Lifeline Screening is available in various settings all over the United States in civic buildings and employer settings. For a location in your area, you can go on the Lifeline Screening website.

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Bob Reina Is Serious About Talk Fusion

When it comes to Bob Reina, he takes things seriously, but he also knows how to have fun. That can be a tough chord for many people to strike and many people to find. It isn’t always the easiest one out there. However, Bob Reina knows that in order for real change to occur, people have to take things seriously. He looks at himself, first and foremost, and he sees what he can do to make the world a better place for everyone involved in it. He is the type of person that cares about each and every person in the world. It is not just a gimmick for him. It is real life, and he is as real as it gets.


That is why he decided to start up Talk Fusion and put his all into it. He knew this was the type of project that could do some wonderful things for some amazing people out there that truly needed it. He knew it was something that was next level and something that was going to get people talking and get people excited in the best possible way. It started in 2007 and now in 2017, it is bigger and better than ever.


Bob Reina is big on changing, adapting, and rolling with the times. He does not want to get left behind and he does not want his company to get left behind. That is why he is always brainstorming with his fellow employees and his IT team. They want to see how they can make the most out of Talk Fusion and utilize it for the public. At the moment, they have video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. These products are designed to help people build up their business and watch it blossom before their very eyes.


Bob Reina is also a big part of the community as well. He likes to be able to give back to people in need and help them out whenever the chance is there for the taking. That is why he made a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society.