Nationwide Title Clearance, Inc. Keeps On Moving Up

Nationwide Title Clearance, Inc. is one of the country’s leading document processing companies where mortgage documents are distributed to the retail market. Of the top ten retail mortgage and banking companies, eight rely primarily on Nationwide for their document services.


The major attributes of whole documentation are how quickly, and efficiently documents can be transmitted to a client, and secondly how accurate the information is when it is received. Nationwide has a less than 1% failure rate and a 99.8 compliance rate. All of this simply means that there is a quick delivery and great accuracy nearly 100% of the time.


The reason behind these astonishing statistics lies the excellent organization and training of employees in each of their daily tasks and the quality control techniques the company uses. New hires go through a very detailed initial three-week training process. Once completed, further observation and monitoring continues with trainers and supervisors watching over the newer employees.


Advancement possibilities are available, and an additional cadre of training modules are available to employees on a voluntary basis for employees who wish to follow tracks that will give them more responsibility. Employees pursue these opportunities on a voluntary basis and time is set aside for that. At any given time there are 50% to 70% of the workforce is participating.


Tracking results is a full-time experience at Nationwide, and Chelsea Seguin who is the Assistant Vice-President of File Services at Nationwide tells the story. She has stated in a recent White Paper that she has written that keep score improves the score. She went on to say that there are many efficiencies and methods for improvement available if companies will take the time to look for them. It is important to eliminate past mistakes and to accentuate the positives learned from past screenings.


Nationwide can reach out to over 3,600 different storage entities with their proprietary technology to retrieve the proper records effectively. This involves just about every county and jurisdiction in the United States. Clients can directly access some documents and rely on Nationwide for others.


Over the years, Nationwide has been able to build trust by its efficient organization of retrieval and dispersion of documents. Clients can count on Nationwide for accuracy and timeliness, which makes it difficult for competition to enter into the conversation. A busy mortgage company is very unlikely to use a competitor when Nationwide continues to offer such good service.


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