OSI Group Is Ahead Of Everyone In Food Distribution

OSI Group has been leading the way in the worldwide food distribution industry for many years. The reason for this is that they value how their company is perceived and customer satisfaction with all their food products. They’re always making the way for innovation and using ground-breaking technology to produce their foods in mass quantities.

While you don’t always see their name on the food packages at supermarkets, you might be surprised at just how many products you’ve purchased from them over the years. The company not only has brought food to stores all across the US, but has partnered with many other companies globally.

OSI Group is a Chicago based company that was actually started over 100 years ago by Otto Kolschowsky who was a butcher that opened a little shop for business. OSI Group was small enough at its beginning, but the Kolschowsky’s earned quite a reputation for quality meats they produced that the shop stayed open and soon purchased a large processing plant. In the 1950s the McDonalds Corporation chose this company, now called Otto & Sons to be its chief meat supplier, a partnership that has lasted for more than 50 years. But OSI Group formed many other partnerships after Sheldon Lavin became CEO.

OSI Group has acquired Flagship Europe and Baho Foods, two meat distribution companies based in the UK and the Netherlands that needed funding for their operations. One unique part of OSI Group’s acquisitions is that they don’t seek to take a company over just to restructure and bring in their own staff, but instead they work to retain existing employees and current leaders who have done well. They’re also firm upholders of food safety regulations and won a notable award from the British Safety Council called the Globe of Honour in 2016.

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