Ignition Financial Helped Me To Get A Better Rate On My Car Loan

I’ve never been a fan of car dealerships, which is why I saved up all my money to purchase a car outright. I needed a car for my job, but there was a family emergency that required me to spend all the money that I had saved for my car to help a family member with hospital bills, so I didn’t have the money to buy the car again. Since my credit was decent, financing a car was the only choice I had, so I went to a dealer to look for a car and to see what their loan terms were.


Since this was my second car, I did have some good credit history, but it could have been better. I got a good rate on my financing, which was 18%, but I still would have liked to see it get lower than that. My first thought was to get the car refinanced as soon as possible, but I knew I needed to build up some more payments and a good payment history with the car to get any refinancing company to look at me. I did a great job paying down the car by several thousand dollars within only six months.


By the time I was ready to refinance my car, I only had $3000 left on it to pay, so refinancing it would have saved me some money each month, so I decided to call Ignition Financial. I only know about Ignition Financial because they are in my area in Austin, Texas, and I heard many good things about what they are able to do for those who need refinancing. Since I had on-time payments with my car and had been paying extra, it looks very good on my credit, and I couldn’t believe how they were able to slash my payments.


My $250 a month payment dropped down to $175 a month, and I was looking at a significantly lower interest rate than the 18% I was paying to the other financing company. My loan was bought out, which then allowed me to make monthly payments that were saving me money. Even though I was able to save more money each month, my goal was to pay off the car as soon as possible, and I was able to own my car outright within a year. I love what Ignition Financial has done for me.


FreedomPop is Perfect for Those on a Tight Budget

Phone and internet access can cost a lot of money when funds are limited. FreedomPop, a very original startup based in Los Angeles, has come up with an excellent concept for free phone and internet service. The company’s basic plan presents a decent amount of monthly text, data, and minutes and all three come with no cost. All the subscriber requires is a smartphone and the company’s SIM card. An excellent FreedomPop review published on PT Money tales the full tale.


A person runs into financial trouble is always looking for options to help cut costs. Shutting off the phone and internet services definitely eliminates monthly bills. The trouble is all lines of communication and information are cut off as well. Without the funds to pay for service, no other option seems to exist. FreedomPop does provide options and they are good one. Excellent phone, internet, and even Wi-Fi hotspot service is available.


The Wi-Fi hotspot option shows just how unique this company is. For a mere $5 a month, access to a Wi-Fi connection is available at millions of hotspots throughout the United States. This way, anyone who is traveling can allows procure a reliable connection for a smartphone when needed. Individual circumstances may vary as different customers may need a particular FreedomPop service for different reasons, but all the varied options made available by the company open doors for a great many different customers.


FreedomPop has gained a lot of publicity from the news section of tech publication and websites. The startup has exceeded many expectations and signed up millions of subscribers. Yes, the deal FreedomPop offers really is that good to those who are looking to save money and access a quality service. Investors seem to be very bullish on FreedomPop’s success chances. $30 million in capital was pumped into the company and all signs indicate FreedomPop should easily raise more in subsequent rounds of funding.


The company does its best to offer flexible plans to customers. In addition to the $5 per month Wi-Fi deal, paying for additional MB on top of the free service is one other option to explore. Paying for MB is not even always necessary. Filling out surveys can add to the allotment balance. Paying $10.99 or $19.99 for too different unlimited text and phone plans with varying degrees of MB is yet another option.


Smartphone fans are not the only ones who can get something out of FreedomPop. Home and traveling internet connections are available for reasonable prices, too. FreedomPop truly is hitting all the budget service bases.