IAP Worldwide: Providing Technology, Experience, and Ingenuity to all Manner of Disasters and Problems

The world we live in is unpredictable. Disasters can strike at any time, and we have no way of knowing when they might occur. All we can do is deal with the aftermath, saving as many lives as we can. But responding to disasters on iapws.com, both natural and man made, takes a lot of effort. Huge amounts of planning, supplies, technology and a myriad of other factors go into each one. Fortunately, IAP Worldwide is there to help by providing everything that such situations need.

IAP Worldwide has over 60 years of experience in providing logistics, technology, and manpower to a wide range of natural and artificial disasters, ranging from military actions to infrastructure establishment to disaster search and rescue operations.

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IAP selected to support the U.S. Army Distributed Common Ground System contract valued at $53 million

U.S. Navy selects IAP to support contract valued at up to $900 million

They are also a leading provider of technology, operating remote labs around the world. These labs work to develop new, more efficient technology aimed at providing better logistical support, disaster relief, and a wide range of other services. The services IAP Worldwide Services offers are not matched by many other companies. These range from power generation to aviation and engineering. From government infrastructure to IT services. If you have a problem, IAP has the solution.

With 60 years behind them, you might think they have problems dealing with this world’s ever changing list of hazards and problems, right? Wrong. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. With astounding mental and technological agility and adaptability, IAP Worldwide Services is always willing to search for new solutions, even if they’ve dealt with a specific problem before. This adaptability and agility also makes them fast. They are able to respond to a call with a speed that none other can match, and can be on scene in record time.

Disasters can happen every day, and not all of them are natural. Some might not even be considered disasters by onlookers. But IAP Worldwide does not care about that. If you consider something to be a problem, IAP Worldwide Services has the knowledge, experience and technology to solve the problem in record time. They can’t make the world more predictable, but they can at least help make sure a problem does not occur again.

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