Labaton Sucharow Continue To Find Success With Their SEC Whistleblower Program

Financial markets have always seemed to be something of a mystery to many of us who remember the issues seen after the 2008 economic slowdown that had a global impact. The Securities and Exchange Commission has been given a helping hand in reducing the effects of any further financial irregularities by the creation of an SEC Whistleblower program, which allows anonymous information to be brought by individuals who will have their employment protected by the SEC and be given financial rewards if their information results in fines brought against companies and individuals.

Labaton Sucharow were the first law firm in the U.S. to create their own specialist team dedicated to bringing whistleblowers to the attention of the SEC; headed by Dodd-Frank Act author Jordan Thomas the team has been created to make sure every chance of success is available to those who bring their case to the attentin of this SEC Whistleblower attorney. One of the major advantages of bringing forward evidence of any financial irregularities is the high level of financial reward now available when a whistleblower works with Labaton Sucharow to improve their future.

There is more to the work performed by the experts at Labaton Sucharow than simply making sure the individual receives the best possible financial reward for their evidence available through the $400 million fund established by the U.S. Congress. A major part of the work completed by Labaton Sucharow is the protection of the identity of each whistleblower they work with; Jordan Thomas has been called in to work on a case that saw the whistleblower identified and victimized by their employer, Thomas brings this experience to the protection of each individual he works with on cases even before they reach the Securities and Exchange Commission. Jordan Thomas has already made clear his feelings about the success of the program and how he feels it will lead to an increased number of successful cases brought by the SEC based on evidence from whistleblowers from within the financial industry.

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