Labaton Sucharow Continue To Find Success With Their SEC Whistleblower Program

Financial markets have always seemed to be something of a mystery to many of us who remember the issues seen after the 2008 economic slowdown that had a global impact. The Securities and Exchange Commission has been given a helping hand in reducing the effects of any further financial irregularities by the creation of an SEC Whistleblower program, which allows anonymous information to be brought by individuals who will have their employment protected by the SEC and be given financial rewards if their information results in fines brought against companies and individuals.

Labaton Sucharow were the first law firm in the U.S. to create their own specialist team dedicated to bringing whistleblowers to the attention of the SEC; headed by Dodd-Frank Act author Jordan Thomas the team has been created to make sure every chance of success is available to those who bring their case to the attentin of this SEC Whistleblower attorney. One of the major advantages of bringing forward evidence of any financial irregularities is the high level of financial reward now available when a whistleblower works with Labaton Sucharow to improve their future.

There is more to the work performed by the experts at Labaton Sucharow than simply making sure the individual receives the best possible financial reward for their evidence available through the $400 million fund established by the U.S. Congress. A major part of the work completed by Labaton Sucharow is the protection of the identity of each whistleblower they work with; Jordan Thomas has been called in to work on a case that saw the whistleblower identified and victimized by their employer, Thomas brings this experience to the protection of each individual he works with on cases even before they reach the Securities and Exchange Commission. Jordan Thomas has already made clear his feelings about the success of the program and how he feels it will lead to an increased number of successful cases brought by the SEC based on evidence from whistleblowers from within the financial industry.

Time Does Not Determine Success for Town Residential

For many real estate agencies, it takes a long time to get to the level of success that they want to be at. They need to make sure that they have an established client base before they can even make sure that they start with their success, but for Town Residential, time is just a number. It is just a way that they have worked and it is something that they do not see as a determining factor to their success. They do see hard work, successful agents, industry professionals and excellent mannerisms as ways that they can become more successful.


The hard work that the agents of Town Residential have done in the past three years has been similar to what people take decades to be able to do. Since they have been working hard, they have been able to get what they want out of the real estate deals that they do. Their hard work should not be confused with luck although the results of the hard work are so excellent that they look more like luck than anything else that could actually be hard work within the real estate industry and the way that it functions.


High-quality agents are the only people who Town Residential will hire. They want to make sure that their agents are the best of the best and that they have excellent track records. For that reason, agents are generally selected from ones that they have reviewed. They are hand picked from a select few people who are a part of the different firms throughout the city.


A professional attitude is another key to success when it comes to the real estate agency on Manhattan and throughout New York City. Since there are so many people and so many frauds, clients are always looking for someone who will be a true professional. They want to make sure that they are getting the most out of the business and that they have someone who can navigate all of the turns of being in business in the city. This means that they want to make sure that the people who work at Town Residential are all professionals. People must maintain a certain level of quality when they are working for Town and must make sure that they follow their rules to a T.


While the agents at Town Residential are really successful, they can sometimes get carried away with the way that they treat clients. Town wants to make sure that they always know where their agents’ paychecks are coming from and remind them to truly be kind and courteous to all of the clients who they serve. They want everyone who works for Town to have the same values and treat people the same way that the founders of the company would.